I can help you reset your energy. I make energy work understandable, practical and uncomplicated.


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Customized Energy Clearing Meditations in person or remote (single or group). 
In-person hands on or remote Energy Work.
Tarot and Psychic Readings

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Check out my new podcast - "Chronicles of a Healer" - in this platform filled with all things metaphysical and spiritual. I also have a previous series called "Energy Reset" which includes energy clearings that you can experience yourself. Part 1 of My documentary - "A Healer's Journey" - is NOW available to view!

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From my experience there is a powerful force when it comes to group energy.


There will be NO individual or group sessions from 7/1 until the end of the year.


I will be moving into a new home and preparing for my delivery on 8/1. I appreciate your interest in my services and am going to return to healing work after my maternity leave. Please subscribe to the site in the meantime to be updated on my schedule later. I look forward to serving my clientele again the future. If you would like to know more about how I work please check out Akashaflix.com.


Energy360©️ Reading and Report


Get your comprehensive 31-page report of over 40 different energies - including money energies, systems of the body and negative attachments. See how these are impacting your life and what you can begin to do about them.

Effective immediately, this report is a requirement to work 1-on-1 with me.


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Hi! I’m Rosalyn Santos, Energy Healer and RN. I am here to show you why addressing your energy first will change your life.

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