Abundance in Money

Elevate your money frequencies and learn how to stay connected to your desired future

Begins February 20, 2023

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You've done the vision boards. You've said the affirmations. You even had some good manifestations. So, why are you still in the same place?

Could it be that your relationship with money is inconsistent and lacks trust?


You Can Train Your Mind-Body to Be Abundant

This program is for you if:

  • You've always believed you were at a disadvantage because of race, nationality, culture, parental upbringing or lack of education
  • You have tried other healing modalities or "hacks" but feel like you are still missing something
  • You work really hard but still feel like it's not enough
  • Even the thought of money makes you feel anxious, angry or fearful
  • You feel like there are hidden 'blocks' but you don't know how to access them

Insight alone is not enough to create change!

When it comes to abundance, it is not about the money. It's about who you become.


In The Next 6 Weeks, You Will…

  • You will know what energies around money you commonly emit and release what's hindering you
  • Know the formula for what makes up your vibrational frequency with money
  • Learn how to connect to your desired outcome and sustain it

Abundance in Money (Part of the Creation Series)

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Are You Ready To Manage Your Money Energies?

This 6-week course will help you uncover your unconscious programming. 

  • Rosalyn checks in on over 40 different energies with each class/clearing - including money emotions, generational energies and negative attachments that could be keeping you in a state of lack
  • You will learn how to 'run your energy' daily so you stay connected to the forces that create your energy field
  • You will understand what synchronicities and quantum leaping mean with respect to your energy field

What's Included In This Course...

Week 1

Why "Hacks" Don't Work Long-Term

There is a physiological reason why shortcuts to abundance have temporary results. You will begin to raise your awareness around your money self-talk.

Week 2

Why We Default to Our Old Money Habits

Learn how you build an identity around money and identify the one you have built thus far in your life. We will be discussing the effects of your environment on how you deal with money.

Week 3

Creating Your Desired State Before It Occurs

Gain clarity on WHY you want to create more wealth. Focus on making your vision of money as clear as possible and understand what it means to FEEL your future before it has happened using the formula.

Week 4

The Power of the Heart

Understand why opening the heart center and staying connected to it is the most important aspect of creating abundance.

Week 5

Crossing the River of Change

Learn the science behind true and permanent change and navigate your pitfalls successfully.

Week 6

Embody Your Future

Here is where practice makes progress. You will be living in the desired state that you create while being in your normal environment by taking the lessons of the previous weeks and implementing them.

What is included...

  • TWELVE LIVE comprehensive energy clearings that will also be recorded for replay
  • Class content to explain the science of change
  • Video on "Running Your Energy" so you can stay grounded and connected daily
  • Access to the program on your phone where you can listen to the calls live/replay and download the clearings
  • Energy Basics PDF
  • Guided meditation and accompanying music for creating abundance to stay in your desired state
  • Optional full 90-minute private healing session to address your specific concerns
Rosalyn is a 5th generation healer and a RN of over 21 years. She merges her clinical expertise with her experiential knowledge of Energy Work to help her clients of all ages manage and master their energy. Her mission is to make Energy Work understandable, uncomplicated and practical.
Rosalyn is a content creator for Akashaflix.com. She has her own series, "Energy Reset", where she discusses a different topic from an energetic perspective and takes you through an energy clearing of your field. She also has a video podcast, "Chronicles of a Healer", where she shares what it is like to do what she does, the challenges along the way and what she has learned over the years of working with almost 1000 people to date. Part 1 of her docmentary, "A Healer's Journey", is also available to view on the same platform. 











Abundance in Money

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