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Energy 360©️ Reading and Report

Get an Energy Reading like you've never had before!



Over 50 Calibrated Energies

Mental, emotional, generational, past lives, money, systems of the body and more!



Learn what negative attachments could be holding your energy down through control and fear.


Cross Reference of 8

Understand how your Chakra read affects 8 areas of your life and what you can begin to shift on your own.

Specific. Comprehensive. Practical.

Previously called the "Systems to Chakras" report, this revamped 31-page report is a 'snapshot' in time of what your field is emitting and to what degree. Rosalyn has created this report format based on her Energy Clearings, which is her most popular service. Using the Infinity System©️, she tunes into multiple layers of energy and helps you see how this is affecting you. When you understand how everything ties together, you can take your power back by learning how to manage your energy.

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Understand your Energy organs

Rosalyn will read the energies of your Chakras as they emit from the back and front side of the body. She will also assess which ones are deficient or excessive and how these may present. Learn where negative attachments could be plugged into your field.

Understand the impact

Since everything is energy and begins in that state, it is important to know how your energy is affecting your reality. Learn what you can start to do in the areas of health, relationships, family, friends, career/business, dreams, purpose and self-image.

What you can do next

Energy healing doesn't have to be complicated -and you don't have to meditate like a monk! I offer a variety of suggestions to get you started after you have assimilated the information from your reading.