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Private Sessions

(For one-on-one coaching/mentoring, we can create a package just for you. In-person sessions can be arranged but are at different rates due to distance/travel time. Text 480-338-1461 to set this up. Also, check my social media for special in-person events.)

In order to work with me privately, you MUST order the Energy360©️ Reading and Report. This enables us to see where we are starting energetically and what areas of your life are being impacted. The report comes with a FREE 30-minute consultation. Below lists the services I have.

If you would prefer not to get the report, you can join an upcoming group program (look for what's coming up on my home page). Tarot/psychic readings and home/business clearings do NOT require the purchase of the report.

Remote Energy Clearing Meditation (90 Minutes)

This is the most requested service. Rosalyn checks in on over 40 different energies and can calibrate the energy of a circumstance, situation, product or idea. This session includes a customized energetic clearing through a guided mediation into your energetic field. You do not need to be a seasoned meditator to do this. Rosalyn focuses on teaching energetic principles and techniques to make Energy Work practical for you. Effects are immediate. The purchase of this service can be used for a single person, a couple or group/family.

If you have already purchased the report and are wondering what service to choose, remember you have a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss what is best. If you have already purchased the report and are ready to begin, you can choose from the following:

Remote Energy Healing/Reiki

Rosalyn is certified in several modalities of Energy Healing. During this remote session she will use a combination of her methods (including Reiki) to work on your physical and energetic body. Actual energy healing time will be 35 minutes long and the rest will be used for discussion of feedback and recommendations for energetic self-care.

If you are looking for in-person Reiki to be done at your location, contact me at 480-338-1461 to set this up. There will be an upcharge for drive time.


60 Minute Remote Tarot/Psychic Reading

This is done LIVE over Zoom with the option to record your reading. Rosalyn will look into the past/present/future energies of your inquiry.

Use the links below to book your appointment and make payment. Your time slot will only be reserved once you make payment.

For Paypal:

For Credit Card (Stripe):

Home/Business Energy Clearing 

Spaces/locations hold energy from a variety of sources. Clearing anything negatively affecting the space can bring in more clients/customers and allow in more peace and calm. The clearing includes a guided meditation for the owner of the business or the occupants of the home. The whole process can take AT LEAST 3 hours. I also give education on how to keep your business/home as energetically clear as possible.

It is recommended to have Energy Clearing done on a business space once a quarter and your home at least twice a year. 

Please contact me at 480-338-1461 to discuss the details and I can give you pricing (based on drive time and size of the location). 

You can be invoiced for this OR I will give you payment options.

Starts at $399. 

If you would like REMOTE clearing done on your home/business, this can also be arranged. The price of this begins at $299.