Working With Your Life Force

(October 24 - November 20)

Leverage your energy field and become untouchable



You are tired of feeling drained of your energy...

I get it! You've probably tried to maintain good self-care. Your intentions have been in the right place, but you just can't seem to get yourself out of your rut. OR it feels like every time you are about to initiate change another situation comes up that you need to address. To top it off, the world is being thrown into more and more chaos that adds weight to your already over-flowing plate.

So, HOW do you manage the barrage of missiles that life keeps throwing your way? 

For this entire year, I have been holding 4-Week Energy Clearing Programs on different topics to demonstrate how practical Energy Work can be. I have dove DEEP into the energies behind why we do what we do and walked my students through the micro-steps of shifting to a better place. 

THIS will be the LAST program of the year before I switch up the format for 2023! NOW is the time to truly understand ALL of you. And let me tell you, you are NOT just your physical body or what you see. You are so much more than that. Over the next 4 weeks you will learn about the main energy centers of your body, your energetic boundaries and the TWO main negative influences on your energy field that wreak the most havoc.

By the end of the course, you will learn numerous techniques to manage your energy field efficiently. And you will build confidence with accessing and utilizing ALL of your energy. The more you practice, the more you begin to feel that NOTHING can drain you.

Keep scrolling to see what each week entails...

Week 1: See

Learn the basics of your energy anatomy and what your energy centers are for - including the 3 main meridians - and how to run your energy


Week 2: Sense

Discover your energetic boundaries and the information of others, learn how auric holes appear and repair them

Week 3: Feel

Learn about control energies and how they affect you; identify them in real time and clear them yourself

Week 4: Implement

Learn about fear energies (entities) and how they infiltrate your field; identify them in real time and clear them yourself


What you get + Bonuses!

  1. TWELVE energy clearings + guidance
  2. Energy Basics PDF
  3. All clearings/classes recorded and yours to keep
  4. Private FB community
  5. Access to the program on your phone using the Kajabi app
  6. BONUS LIVE QnA at the very end of the program
  7. Discounted private 90-minute virtual session with me (optional)
From Rosalyn:

The three main issues I see are:

  1. People are not even aware that they have an energy field.
  2. People's energy fields are split or fractured so they don't have access to all of it.
  3. People attempt to use a physical solution to solve an energetic problem.

This is why learning about your energy field is SO important!


Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the Instructor


My name is Rosalyn Santos. I have been a RN for over 21 years and an Energy Practitioner for 4.5 years. I merge my clinical career with my experiential knowledge of Energy Work. My mission is to make Energy Work understandable, uncomplicated and practical. I work with a global clientele of all age groups and make my services accessible through group and private sessions. 

It's never too late to shift your energy with direction and purpose!


I can show you how.